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Four Auto Responder Marketing Ideas to Improve Your Online Business

If you are not really happy with the results you are achieving with your current auto responder marketing strategy, there are a number of methods that available that are easy to implement. You can improve your online business success by following these some simple auto responder strategies.

Here are 4 ideas for you to think about for a more effective marketing strategy:

  1. E-courses are one of the first breakthroughs that were made in auto responder marketing strategies. By offering 1 – 10 weeks of content as an e-course instead of creating a free e-book or report, you could get people to join your email subscriber list. The emails that you send out initially will give them a short course on the selected subject so that by the time they get to the end of the course you should have been able to gain a certain amount of trust and built some credibility with your readers. This should allow you to then return to the more traditional method of email marketing.
  2. The most common type of auto responder marketing strategies and also the key to being a successful with this method is to make sure that the content you offer your readers is always up to date. Newsletters can be used to help you keep your readers up to date, but they can also give you an opportunity to add more content to each message without having to overwhelm them. Provided you are only sending them emails once a week, filling it with content is more appropriate, and adding text adverts or banners is somehow more accepted.
  3. A method that is not used as often as others, but has consistently proved to be effective is by making every email a short overview paragraph of a webpage or blog post that is available on your website. This overview should be enough to peak your readers interest so that they will then want to click the link to your website to find out more. So long as you can do this effectively you will gain some great advantages. To begin with the fact that they are now looking at your website, means they are not surprised by seeing advertisements and secondly they are far more likely to explore other pages or posts as well. The last advantage to following a good marketing strategy is that with more traffic to your website your stats will be better and your online business will appear more popular than it would if you did not use this extra source.
  4. The last idea here is to use a minimalistic approach as your auto responder marketing strategy. What this approach entails is to load your auto responder with a minimum amount of content for example an e-course. You use this content as a way to introduce yourself to your readers and to prove that you can give them information that can add value and help with their own aspirations. After you have sent out all of this content you can then begin to email your entire subscriber emailing list in real time. By following this method you will ensure that your content is always relevant and up do date, but keep in mind that this method does require more time and effort than just pre-loading content.

There are many other auto responder strategies that can be followed but these four methods are among the most effective and popular. It is not important which type of strategy you choose, so long as it is one that you feel comfortable it and that it will help you reach your goals.

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