Do you hesitate? CHECK THE STATE OF YOUR NEWSLETTER and see for yourself / AND DECIDE

Are you sure that you collect the email addresses according to the terms of the law?
Do you know and use all posibilities to get the largest amount of subscribers?
Did you take care of appropriate segmentation of your email's database?
Do you use segmentation to customize the message and increase sales?
Do you take care and test correct display of your messages on mobile devices?
Do you build strong and fruitful bond with your subscribers from the beginning?
Do you test different versions of email tittles and layouts in your campaigns?
Do you send other emails than offers?
Do you have client's communication strategy and consequently implement it?
Do you gather and analize data about your email's effectiveness in purpose to optimize future campaign?

Your result: yes x 3; no x 3 I dont know x 5 Gratulujemy! Widać, że rozumiesz jak istotny jest dobry newsletter. Właśnie dlatego, zapraszamy Cię do kontaktu - być może jesteśmy w stanie osiągnąć dla Ciebie jeszcze lepszy rezultat?

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