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7 steps to effective newslettering:

  • 1

    Analysis of current
    situation and needs.

  • 3

    Preparing layouts and texts.

  • 5

    Analysing achieved results.

  • 7

    Creating new, better emails.

  • 2

    Outlining the action plan.

  • 4

    Sending of pre­planned campaigns.

  • 6

    Revising the action plan.

Discover the newsletter creation process:

  • Choosing the topic of the newsletter

    A good topic is a key to the effectiveness of the whole campaign. You can prepare it by yourself or let us do that.

  • Graphic design

    The layout and design are crucial because people buy with their eyes. That’s why we prepare two different layouts for you to choose from.

  • Mailing

    Based on the test we’ve carried out, you approve the version which achieved better results. That’s when the actual broadcast begins.

  • The report

    We provide you with a report that includes the results as well as conclusions and suggestions regarding future campaigns.

  • The content

    The texts in your newsletter have to be valuable and interesting for your reader. You can write them on your own or leave the job to our copywriters.

  • Test mailing

    By sending a test, we can judge whether the newsletter is converting. Using two different emails, we can choose the one which is more effective.

  • Analysis of results

    We analyse the data such as the number of opened emails (open rate) and clicks on the link to your website (click­through rate). We optimise your campaign and plan future actions.

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