Newsletter campaigns from start to finish.

Newsletterit make your customers coming back,

buying more and like you more!

Newsletterit is not an ordinary mailing tool. It is a team of marketing specialists, who work on your campaigns and deal with all your newsletter and marketing automation problems.

What is it that we do that makes your newsletters incredibly effective?

1. We listen

  • Analyse your needs and the needs of your audience.
  • Create a strategy and communication plan.
  • Focus on data, including the frequency of contact and list segmentation.

2. We plan

  • Clean and segment your email list.
  • Create a strategy of acquiring new sign ups.
  • Use both your website and social media to get new subscribers.

3. We act

  • Prepare the emails – layouts & texts.
  • Send them using innovative and powerful tools.
  • Analyse your campaign based on achieved results.

Order your

Regular Package

  • 2 broadcasts / mo.
  • 2 layouts / mo.
  • Mailing to 1­2 segments of your database
  • 1 primary language
  • 1 subject line A/B test
  • 1 layout A/B test
  • 1 report / mo.

Additional benefits of choosing the 6­months long deal

  • Subscribers segmented by demographics and user profile

  • Improved opt­in process using your site

  • Layout design of transactional emails and company footer

* Per month, paid every 6 months.

* For a list of up to 10 0000 contacts. Have you got more subscribers? Ask for a quote; we will prepare an exclusive pricing plan to suit your needs.

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Order extras

Additional newsletter language
Additional email campaign every month
A report after each mailing/campaign

* Please describe your extra needs in the form.

Achieving your goals requires extended communication? Use our mobile campaigns (SMS/MMS) together with innovative marketing automation solutions.

Marketing Automation​

Advanced email communication: automated rules, scoring, remarketing tags added dynamically ­ triggered by specific events and chosen stages of the sales funnel. Complete control over communication with your list in real­time.

SMS Campaigns

Use thoroughly planned and nonintrusive SMS and MMS campaigns, any time you need immediate reactions from your subscribers and instant effect of their

Is standard plan​ not enough for you?

Tell us what you need. We will prepare an offer tailored to your needs!

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What makes Newsletterit unique?

  • No one has ever done that!

    Newsletterit is one of a kind solution. We support your newsletter campaigns from start to finish, helping you create and send the emails.

  • We think outside the box

    We create a coherent and long­range newsletter communication strategy and then we ensure it’s implemented effectively.

  • You get access to a team of experts

    Your campaign will be managed by a dedicated team of four specialists: a copywriter, a designer, a sales manager, and a marketing analyst.

  • We are one step ahead of our competition

    We use the newest technology, to monitor the actions and their effects. We provide you with complete knowledge regarding the history and results of each campaign.

  • We know the ins and outs of communication

    By carefully choosing the language of communication, we establish relations with all of the groups. We always speak to each of them in an appropriate way.

  • High­quality email lists

    We take care of collecting subscribers. Thanks to our experience, we can build your list much faster and with more engaged subscribers.

They’ve already discovered the benefits of Newsletterit


Not so long ago I’ve been sending newsletters, but without any hopes of increasing the size of our list. We did that „because everyone did.” Thanks to I’ve discovered that a newsletter can be a highly effective marketing tool ­ not only do we sell more but we have built a list of loyal clients, who have become the advocates of our brand.


Still hesitating? Newsletterit!

  • Save time and resources – we do everything for you!
  • You get newsletter that works and brings measurable results.
  • You don’t even have to remember about the newsletter.
  • Nothing „more important” will never interrupt your mailing, ever.
  • You get access to know­how and solutions tested on hundreds of products.
  • You increase sales ­ the effectiveness of newsletter has been proven countless times.

The benefits of newsletter campaigns

The recipients of a newsletter are people interested in your product.

A regular contact with your clients equals an increased chance for a sale.

Newsletter builds lasting relations with your clients and influences their loyalty.